How do I place a reservation?
Is your payment secure?
What is included in your homes?
How do I check-in to my apartment?
What time is check-in and check-out?
Can I check-in earlier, or have a later check-out?
Can you provide additional housekeeping during our stay?
What happens if I lose the keys, or if I am locked out?
What do I do with the keys when I check-out?
Do you have any parking facilities?
Do you have any promotions or offers that I can use?
What happens if there is a problem during my stay?
I really love UrbanMinder and would like to leave a review. Where can I do so?




Where is UrbanMinder based?
What services does UrbanMinder offer?
Who should use UrbanMinder
Can I use Urban Minder if I don't have my property listed on Airbnb?
How much money will I make?
How much does UrbanMinder charge?
Does UrbanMinder provide linen and towels?

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