In case you don’t know, Dunkirk – a film by Christopher Nolan – is scheduled to be released this July 20 in Australia.

Shot in IMAX 1570 Film Cameras, Dunkirk is an upcoming cinematic brilliance that details the heroic evacuation of hundreds of thousands Allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk during the early years of WWII, amid an impending German attack. And the fact that it is filmed with IMAX cameras is exactly the reason why you should watch Dunkirk in IMAX Melbourne.

You’ll probably don’t know this, but IMAX Melbourne is currently the world’s largest IMAX theatre, after Sydney’s IMAX decided to go through a 3-year renovation period. IMAX theatres are designed to accommodate movies filmed in unique IMAX 70mm format, which gives cinema-goers the best possible clarity and immersion of any movie filmed and shown in that format. And IMAX Melbourne, being the biggest in the world, it’s a no brainer why IMAX Melbourne is the best place to experience Dunkirk.

Tickets are now on sale on the IMAX website, although early birds have already been sold out. Other showing times are quickly being bought out as you’re reading this.

Image credit: Warner Bros (taken from Gizmodo)