In the last few blog posts, we covered why you should stay in the CBD and Docklands during your next holiday. Naturally, we’ll need to cover another popular neighbourhood: Southbank.

Here are 10 reasons why you should stay in Southbank.


Close to Free Tram Zone

Stops within the FTZ have this sign. Source:

Despite not being in the Free Tram Zone, Southbank is very close to the city, which is within the Free Tram Zone. A walk from Freshwater Place to Flinders/Elizabeth St only takes 10 minutes via Sandridge pedestrian bridge, or 12 minutes via the Evan Walker bridge along the Southbank river.


Crown Casino

Crown Entertainment and Casino, largest in the Southern Hemisphere

The most iconic destination in Southbank would easily be Crown Casino Melbourne. Being the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world, Crown Casino boasts 3500 slot machines in the gaming area, 3 luxury hotels, a luxury shopping mall, cinema, and many fine-dining restaurants. Children allowed into all the areas except the gambling area and places where alcohol is served.


Iconic restaurants

Fine-dining restaurants are plenty in the Southbank area. Examples include The Atlantic, Nobu, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, and many more. Most of them are located in Crown Entertainment Complex.


Access to pedestrian bridges

Evan Walker pedestrian bridge, connecting Southbank and the CBD.

If you’re going to the city often, you’ll be delighted to know that there are at least 5 bridges that you can cross, 3 of which are pedestrian-only bridges. The more popular one is the Evan Walker Bridge, which connects Flinders Street Station to the Southgate Mall across the Yarra River. Evan Walker Bridge used to be home to thousands of love locks, but the local council removed them due to safety concerns as the locks added a substantial stress-load on the bridge.


Scenic Bars

If you’re looking for a “beer with a view”, Southbank has a few bars that can accommodate that request. The Ponyfish Island serves a wide range of local and international beers and is located just below the Evan Walker Bridge. If you’re a Reddit user, earn Karma when you post on the subreddit /r/beerwithaview.


South Melbourne Market

Fresh seafood lovers should not miss this. South Melbourne Market boasts a wide range of the freshest seafood urban Melbourne could potentially offer. Particular known for its fresh and inexpensive Oysters, South Melbourne Market is also home to fresh salmon, tuna, kingfish, and many more.


Shopping Destination

CBD may host the more popular shopping malls such as The Emporium or Bourke Street Mall, but Southbank has its own set that simply cannot be replaced by the malls in the city. Southbank is home to Crown Shopping Complex, which specialize in selling luxury and other high-end goods. But if you’re looking for authentic branded goods at extremely low prices, you’d want to go to DFO South Wharf, which sells branded goods at factory-level prices.


Close to Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station, Australia’s busiest train station.

Looking to getaway from greater Melbourne and into the suburbs easily? There’s no problem if you stay in Southbank. The closest train station is Melbourne’s flagship train station: Flinders Street Station. And it is just next to the Yarra River, less than 5 minutes walk from Southgate Mall.


Landmarks all around you

Southbank also boasts many multiple landmarks, such as the Eureka Tower, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Crown Entertainment Complex, Federation Square, and many more. There’s always something to discover there, and there’s always more landmarks being build for the future, such as the Australis 108.


Amazing Architecture

But the most visualy recognisable signature of Southbank would probably be the architecture of many of the skyscrapers. Examples include the shiny Prima Pearl apartment complex, Crown Towers, the Eureka Tower, and many more. If you’re looking for some architectural inspiration, look no further than Southbank.